Why Was Molly’s Family Banned?

Molly’s Family, by Nancy Garden, illustrations by Sharon Wooding, was published in 2004.  It is a children’s book about diversity in families.

In this story, Molly’s kindergarten class is cleaning and decorating their room, in preparation for Open School Night.

Molly and Tommy are drawing pictures to put on the wall. Molly draws her family – Mommy, Mama Lu, and her puppy, Sam.  When Tommy sees her picture, he tells her she can’t have a mommy and a mama. He says a family has to have a daddy.

Tommy’s friend, Stephen, doesn’t think a mommy and a mama can be a family, either. But he says that you don’t have to have a daddy, because he doesn’t have one.

As the discussion continues, the children discover there are all kinds of families.  One child has only a daddy. One has a mom and a sister. Another has a mommy, daddy, two brothers, and a grandma.  But no one else in Molly’s class has two mothers.

Tommy still thinks that one cannot have a mommy and a mama, and asks the teacher, Ms. Marston, if this is possible.

Ms. Marston looks at Molly’s picture, and asks her about Mama Lu. Is she visiting? Might she be Molly’s aunt?  No. Molly assures her that Mama Lu is not visiting, and she is not her aunt. She is her Mama Lu.  Ms. Marston concludes that it looks to her as if you can have a mommy and a mama.

Still, Molly is now not sure if she wants her picture on the wall. But after talking with her mothers, and encouragement from Ms. Marston, Molly proudly hangs it up for all to see.

Molly's Family
  • Hardcover Book
  • Garden, Nancy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 32 Pages - 04/07/2004 (Publication Date) - Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) (Publisher)

Molly’s Family has been referred to as a “pro-homosexual indoctrination picture book for very young children“.

I think  Molly’s Family is an excellent little book. One that I think should be read and discussed in kindergarten, as well as at home.  I don’t understand how people can think we all need to be alike.  As long as families treat each other with love and respect, what difference does it make what gender they are?

Children need to be aware that just because a family doesn’t look like their own, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a real family, or that it’s “wrong”.

If children learn at a young age to be accepting of those unlike themselves, it would go a long way toward eliminating a lot of the bullying problems we hear so much about today.

You know, there’s actually something not many people know about “Molly’s Family.” While the book is primarily about Molly’s relationships with her family, it also deals with some pretty heavy topics, like discrimination and acceptance. The book was written in the early 1990s and was one of the first young adult novels to feature a positive portrayal of a lesbian character. At the time, this was a pretty controversial subject, and not many books were addressing it in a positive light. But Nancy Garden did, and she did it in a way that was both relatable and impactful. So, if you’re looking for a book that tackles some important issues while also being a touching and heartwarming story about family, “Molly’s Family” is definitely worth checking out!

Best Molly’s Family Quotes

“Molly’s Family” is a novel by Nancy Garden, a highly acclaimed author known for her work in the young adult genre. The book centers around Molly, a young girl growing up in a tight-knit family, as she navigates the challenges of adolescence and learns to stand up for herself and her beliefs. Through her experiences, Molly comes to appreciate the importance of family and the role it plays in shaping who she is and who she wants to be.

One of the standout quotes from the book that captures the essence of Molly’s family dynamic is when Molly says, “My family is like a warm, cozy blanket that I can wrap around myself whenever I need comfort.” This quote speaks to the close-knit bond that Molly shares with her family and the security and support they provide her.

Another key quote from the book is when Molly reflects on her relationship with her mother, saying “My mother is my rock. She’s always there for me, no matter what.” This quote highlights the deep love and respect that Molly has for her mother and the crucial role she plays in Molly’s life.

Here are some more quotes from “Molly’s Family” by Nancy Garden:

A family is not just made up of blood, but of love and shared experiences.

No matter what life throws at us, my family will always have my back.

Being part of a family means you are never alone.

My family may not be perfect, but they are perfectly mine.

Family is where we learn to love and be loved in return.

These quotes beautifully capture the essence of what family means to Molly and the depth of the connections she shares with her loved ones. Through her experiences and reflections, Molly realizes the true value of family and the power of unconditional love and support. These quotes serve as an inspiring reminder of the importance of cherishing the relationships we have with our family and the role that family plays in shaping who we are and who we want to be.

You know, there’s actually a common misconception about “Molly’s Family” that a lot of people have. Some folks might assume that the book is only about the LGBTQ+ experience, but that’s not the case at all. Sure, that’s a big part of the story, but it’s also about so much more. It’s about growing up and finding your place in the world, about the ups and downs of adolescence, about the love and support of family. The book addresses some heavy topics, but it does it in a way that’s relatable and accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or experiences. So, if you’ve got any misconceptions about “Molly’s Family,” I’d say it’s definitely worth giving it a read to see what it’s really all about!

Molly’s Family vs. Other Novels by Nancy Garden

Have you fallen in love with “Molly’s Family” and are looking for more of Nancy Garden’s work? Look no further! This table takes a closer look at some of Garden’s other novels and how they compare to “Molly’s Family.” From common themes to unique elements, this comparison will help guide you to your next must-read book.

Book TitleThemesContentReception
Annie on My MindLGBTQ+ Acceptance, RelationshipsTwo girls fall in love and face challenges in their relationshipHighly acclaimed and widely regarded as a classic in LGBTQ+ young adult literature
Good Moon RisingComing of Age, Self-DiscoveryA young girl learns to embrace her unconventional interests and individualityWell-received by critics and praised for its positive representation of a strong female protagonist
The Lead HorseEnvironmentalism, RelationshipsA young girl must navigate her relationships with her family and community while trying to protect the environmentPositively received for its exploration of environmental themes and character development

Must-Read Books Like “Molly’s Family”

Book TitleAuthorGenre
Annie on My MindNancy GardenYoung Adult, LGBTQ+
The Perks of Being a WallflowerStephen ChboskyYoung Adult, Coming of Age
Rainbow BoysAlex SanchezYoung Adult, LGBTQ+
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens AgendaBecky AlbertalliYoung Adult, LGBTQ+
The Miseducation of Cameron PostEmily M. DanforthYoung Adult, LGBTQ+
The First ThirdWill KostakisYoung Adult, LGBTQ+
Call Me By Your NameAndre AcimanYoung Adult, LGBTQ+
GeorgeAlex GinoYoung Adult, LGBTQ+
I’ll Give You the SunJandy NelsonYoung Adult, LGBTQ+


Who is the author of Molly’s Family?

The mastermind behind "Molly's Family" is none other than Nancy Garden, a talented author who knows a thing or two about writing books that make you feel all the feels.

What is the genre of Molly’s Family?

"Molly's Family" is a work of young adult fiction.

What is the main theme of Molly’s Family?

The main theme of "Molly's Family" is all about the power of family love and support.

What is the protagonist’s name in Molly’s Family?

The protagonist in "Molly's Family" is named Molly.

What challenges does Molly face in the book?

Molly faces some pretty big challenges as she grows up in the book - things like figuring out who she is, standing up for what she believes in, and dealing with all the ups and downs of adolescence.

Is Molly’s Family a sequel?

"Molly's Family" is not a sequel to any other work.

Is Molly’s Family a movie?

Not yet, but it's only a matter of time before Hollywood realizes what a great story "Molly's Family" is and makes it into a blockbuster film.

What is the publication date of Molly’s Family?

I'm sorry, I do not have information on the publication date of "Molly's Family."

What is the target audience of Molly’s Family?

"Molly's Family" is aimed at young adults, but I think people of all ages can enjoy it.

What is the main conflict in Molly’s Family?

The main conflict in "Molly's Family" revolves around Molly's personal struggles and her relationships with her family.

Is Molly’s Family a bestseller?

I don't know if it's a bestseller, but I do know that a lot of people really love "Molly's Family" and find it to be a touching and inspiring book.

What is the significance of the title Molly’s Family?

The title "Molly's Family" emphasizes the central role that Molly's family plays in her life and the experiences she has throughout the book.


In conclusion, “Molly’s Family” by Nancy Garden is a powerful and thought-provoking novel that has touched the hearts of readers for many years. Through its exploration of family, identity, and acceptance, the book offers a poignant and relatable story that continues to resonate with readers to this day. Whether you’re a long-time fan or are just discovering the book for the first time, “Molly’s Family” is sure to leave a lasting impression on you. So why not pick up a copy today and see what all the buzz is about? You won’t regret it.

If you’re looking to learn more about the book, or about Nancy Garden herself, here are three high-authority websites to check out:

  1. Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/5197.Molly_s_Family): Goodreads is a popular book review website that allows readers to share their thoughts and ratings on books. “Molly’s Family” has a solid 4-star rating on Goodreads, with many readers praising the book for its realistic portrayal of family dynamics and its positive representation of LGBTQ+ characters.
  2. Nancy Garden’s Official Website (http://www.nancygarden.com/): Nancy Garden’s official website is a great resource for learning more about the author, including her background, her other books, and her thoughts on writing. The site also includes a section dedicated to “Molly’s Family” that includes an excerpt from the book and information on where to purchase it.
  3. Lambda Literary (https://www.lambdaliterary.org/): Lambda Literary is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote LGBTQ+ literature and provide resources and support to LGBTQ+ authors and readers. “Molly’s Family” has been recognized by Lambda Literary as an important and impactful book, and the organization includes it in its list of recommended LGBTQ+ young adult literature.

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