Uncle Bobby's Wedding

Sarah Brannen's 2008 children's book, Uncle Bobby's Wedding, is about a little guinea pig named Chloe, whose favorite uncle is getting married.

Chloe loves her Uncle Bobby. She loves the time they spend together. They go for walks. He takes her rowing on the river. He teaches her about the stars.

One day at a family picnic, Uncle Bobby announces that he and Jamie are getting married. Everyone is smiling and happy about this news. Everyone, that is, except Chloe.

She talks to her mother about it. Mama explains that Bobby and Jamie love each other, and when grown-up people love each other that much, they want to be married.

Chloe tells her that Bobby is her special uncle and that she doesn't want him to get married. Mama says Chloe should talk to him about it.

Uncle Bobby and Chloe go for a walk on their favorite path through a field. She questions him about why he wants to get married. She is afraid that if he has his own family, maybe his own little girl, (oh no!) that he won't have time for her. He assures her that he will. 

"I promise we'll keep having fun together," he tells her, "you'll always be my Chloe."

As she gets to know Jamie better, she likes him very much, and wishes he were her uncle, too. She soon gets her wish. Uncle Bobby and Jamie get married, and Chloe is the flower girl at their wedding.

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The American Library Association lists Uncle Bobby's Wedding as one of the top ten frequently challenged books of 2008. Reasons given were homosexuality and unsuited to age group.

Unsuited to age group? Really? Young children don't have uncles that get married? They might as well have just stated that it was because of homosexuality, period. That would have been more honest. There would have been no "unsuited to age group" if Uncle Bobby had married a female. As usual, the complainers missed the whole point of the story.

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