My Princess Boy

My Princess Boy, written by Cheryl Kilodavis, illustrated by Suzanne DeSimone, and published in 2011, is a non-fiction children's picture book, and is a great anti-bullying tool.

This little Princess boy is four years old. He likes sparkly things, pretty dresses, and his favorite color is pink.

He likes to wear the pretty dresses, and dance like a ballerina.

He has a big brother who plays soccer and baseball - and dances with the Princess Boy.

His dad tells him he looks pretty in a dress. He loves his dad and big brother!

The Princess Boy has play dates with girls and with boys. He climbs trees in his tiara crown.

When he goes shopping with his mother, he likes to look at girls' clothes. But when he wants to buy something pink or sparkly, people stare and laugh at him. It hurts.

On Halloween, a woman made fun of him because he wore a Princess dress.

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Near the end of the book, the author asks these questions: If you see a Princess Boy...

Will you laugh at him?

Will you call him a name?

Will you play with him?

Will you like him for who he is?

These are all good questions. Questions we might want to take time to consider. What would we do? What would we teach our children?

What if we had a little boy in our family who wanted to wear pink and sparkly things? How would we react?

In My Princess Boy, this child's family - mother, father, and older brother all support him.

Sadly, there are far too many families who would not.

I've not found any actual attempts to ban this book, but I do know that there are many people who would certainly take a dim view of the way the parents are handling this situation.

Some religious groups definitely would. I heard one preacher criticize the father in this story for letting his wife allow their son to dress as he does.

In these fundamentalists groups, the man is "the head of the family", and therefore has the final say in all matters.

The family in this story is kind, loving, and very brave.

This is a wonderful little book. If we teach our children at this age that bullying is wrong, we can eliminate a lot of heartache.

Highly recommended.

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