Molly's Family

Molly's Family, by Nancy Garden, illustrations by Sharon Wooding, was published in 2004.  It is a children's book about diversity in families.

In this story, Molly's kindergarten class is cleaning and decorating their room, in preparation for Open School Night.

Molly and Tommy are drawing pictures to put on the wall. Molly draws her family - Mommy, Mama Lu, and her puppy, Sam.  When Tommy sees her picture, he tells her she can't have a mommy and a mama. He says a family has to have a daddy.

Tommy's friend, Stephen, doesn't think a mommy and a mama can be a family, either. But he says that you don't have to have a daddy, because he doesn't have one. 

As the discussion continues, the children discover there are all kinds of families.  One child has only a daddy. One has a mom and a sister. Another has a mommy, daddy, two brothers, and a grandma.  But no one else in Molly's class has two mothers.

Tommy still thinks that one cannot have a mommy and a mama, and asks the teacher, Ms. Marston, if this is possible.

Ms. Marston looks at Molly's picture, and asks her about Mama Lu. Is she visiting? Might she be Molly's aunt?  No. Molly assures her that Mama Lu is not visiting, and she is not her aunt. She is her Mama Lu.  Ms. Marston concludes that it looks to her as if you can have a mommy and a mama.

Still, Molly is now not sure if she wants her picture on the wall. But after talking with her mothers, and encouragement from Ms. Marston, Molly proudly hangs it up for all to see.

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Molly's Family has been referred to as a "pro-homosexual indoctrination picture book for very young children".

I think  Molly's Family is an excellent little book. One that I think should be read and discussed in kindergarten, as well as at home.  I don't understand how people can think we all need to be alike.  As long as families treat each other with love and respect, what difference does it make what gender they are? 

Children need to be aware that just because a family doesn't look like their own, it doesn't mean that it's not a real family, or that it's "wrong".

If children learn at a young age to be accepting of those unlike themselves, it would go a long way toward eliminating a lot of the bullying problems we hear so much about today.

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