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I've never understood why people who attempt to ban children's books think they should be the ones to decide what every child reads.   Does it not cross their minds that maybe other parents would want some say about that, as well?

When they try to have books removed from school shelves, it's clear that they want to keep those books away from all children, not just their own.

They believe the material in them would be harmful.  I would agree that could very well be true, in some cases.

What I have a problem with is that they want to make decisions for everyone.

If they succeed in getting a book or books removed, it limits the choices of reading material that others may find useful and/or enjoyable.

Even more mind-boggling is when people challenge books that parents buy and read to their preschoolers, right down to picture books for toddlers!

Perhaps people are worried that their own children may be exposed to a book they don't approve of by a babysitter, a day care center, or (gasp!) maybe even at Gra's house. 

One such book is Where The Wild Things Are, a picture book by Maurice Sendak, about a little boy named Max, who gets sent to his room without supper for being naughty.

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Some really outrageous things have been said about another of Maurice Sendak's books, In The Night Kitchen. This is mostly because there are illustrations of a naked toddler in the book.

In the story, Mickey falls out of his pajamas and down into the "night kitchen".

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Since when are pictures of a naked little boy so offensive?  Most children have witnessed diaper changes, and know what naked little kids look like.

Certainly those who have younger siblings do. What mother makes her older children leave the room when she changes the baby?

There may be some that do - perhaps mothers who disapprove of this book do.

I can't say, but I can say I've never known that to happen.

Please, can't we allow all parents the freedom to choose for their own children?

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