Why Bastard Out of Carolina was Banned: Exploring the Controversy

Bastard Out of Carolina

Bastard Out of Carolina is a novel by Dorothy Allison that explores poverty, abuse, and family dysfunction in the American South. The book has been banned from many school curriculums and library shelves due to its graphic and unflinching portrayal of sexual violence. As if being the illegitimate child of a teenager from a dirt … Read more

The Great Gatsby: Why It’s Banned and What You Need to Know

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and published in 1925, is a story of America in the 1920s. The Great Gatsby is a banned book due to its language and sexual references. This classic tale is told by Nick Carraway. Nick is a young Yale graduate who moves to New York and rents a house in … Read more

Why Was ‘A Stolen Life’ Banned? The Shocking Truth Revealed

A Stolen Life

Told in her own words, A Stolen Life is the true story of Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was kidnapped at age eleven, and held captive for eighteen years. It’s June 10, 1991 in Lake Tahoe, CA. Jaycee is walking up the road from her home to a school bus stop. When a car pulls over, she thinks … Read more

Why Was Molly’s Family Banned?

Mollys Family 2

Molly’s Family, by Nancy Garden, illustrations by Sharon Wooding, was published in 2004.  It is a children’s book about diversity in families. In this story, Molly’s kindergarten class is cleaning and decorating their room, in preparation for Open School Night. Molly and Tommy are drawing pictures to put on the wall. Molly draws her family … Read more

What Books Does Amazon Ban: A Comprehensive Guide

What Books Does Amazon Ban

The online retail giant Amazon is one of the largest platforms for buying and selling books, but it is also known for its strict censorship policies. In this article, we will examine the themes, authors, and books that Amazon has banned, and analyze the impact of this censorship on free speech and the publishing industry. … Read more

Why Is Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret Banned?

are you there god its me margaret

This 1970 Judy Blume book opens with one of Margaret Ann Simon’s many talks to God. “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret. We’re moving today. I’m so scared, God. I’ve never lived anywhere but here.” She goes on, telling God of her fears.  What if she hates her school?  What if everybody hates her? Are … Read more

Why Was Annie On My Mind Banned?

Annie on My Mind

Nancy Garden’s 1982 novel, Annie on My Mind, is the story of two teenage girls, Liza Winthrop and Annie Kenyon, who meet and fall in love. The story is told by Liza, who lives in an up-scale neighborhood with her parents and younger brother, and attends a private school, Foster Academy.  Liza hopes to become an … Read more