Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons is Dan Brown's action-packed thriller published in 2000.

This story takes symbologist Robert Langdon to a research facility in Switzerland to examine a mysterious symbol.

A physicist has been murdered, and the symbol has been burned into his chest.  Robert recognizes it as one used by an ancient organization: The Illuminati.

It was widely believed that they had died out ages ago. Could they have survived underground all this time?  It would appear so.

The murdered man's daughter, Vittoria Vetra, soon arrives and reveals that she and her father have been working on a secret project, and have created antimatter, which they have kept suspended in a canister. 

It is highly explosive - and it is missing.  It will explode in exactly twenty-four hours if not returned to where - and how - it has been kept.

The discovery of the vendetta against the Catholic Church by the Illuminati has Robert and Vittoria jetting to Rome immediately to try to save the Vatican.  

I've not been able to find where the book has been banned, but Catholics were discouraged from seeing the movie based on it.

Requests to film inside churches in Rome were denied. A spokesman for the diocese said that after The Da Vinci Code that "the name Dan Brown was enough" to automatically ban filming of Angels and Demons.Monsignor Marco Fibbi is quoted as saying that the movie "does not conform to our views".

The ban did not include filming the churches' exterior.

I like the book, though not as much as I like the Da Vinci Code. Still, it certainly held my interest.

Dan Brown sure knows how to pack an enormous amount of fast moving action into his books!

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