Amazing Grace Baptist Church

Amazing Grace Baptist Church burns numerous books, including Bibles.

I first heard about this church last year when they planned a book burning on October 31, to "celebrate Halloween".

As it turned out, protesters and the media showed up, and it rained. Plus, there are laws about burning in NC.  The congregation stayed inside, had a "book tearing" instead, and called it a success. But maybe not quite as much of a success as they wanted.

This year, (2010), they say they will burn, but not in NC, because of the laws.  They will "tear", as last year, then at some later date, they will take it all to a church in another state where open burning is allowed. They will not be releasing the date this time, just that it will be "sometime this year".  Although they are only "tearing" behind closed doors, they are being very secretive about when they are doing it.

The pastor, Mark Grizzard, says others will be invited, but by special invitation from him only. To get an invitation, he must know you, or your pastor, personally. Otherwise, you must prove who you are by answering questions about your church, etc., to "verify your stand".

This church does not stop with destroying books by "heretics" - and this is a very long list. It includes well-known people such as Billy Graham, Rick Warren, and Mother Theresa.

Bibles of all kinds go on the burn pile, with the exception of the King James.  Also on the list is music, movies, magazines, and idols.

Idols? Oh, you know, stuff like rosary beads, crosses with Jesus on them and, of course, anything from other religions.

Rev. Grizzard encourages us to have our own book burnings at our church or our home.

I think I'll pass.

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