Smog City

(Edmonton, Alberta)

Smog City is a fiction novel written in 2014 by a teenage author. They had one copy of it at my school for a brief month (it wasn't very popular and was taken out of the school for mentioning suicide, bullying and an adult journalist being friends with a toxic waste site personification). I can't really say myself that I loved it and it's incredibly sad, but it raises ideas such as how the digital age is wrecking the world and the friendship between the two main characters is strange in that it sort of left me uncertain as to whether or not it was real or all in the main character (Mandy)'s imagination. Since it has only been published very recently, and by the looks of it was self-published, I was honestly really surprised that they even had a copy of it at my school, I would assume the author donated it or something. I guess the reason it's such a memorable book to me is because it is able to give emotion, sentience and a life to various polluted places in the world. I guess I never really expected that a book would make me sympathize with hazardous waste. It's a really odd, confusing book but it's powerful and interesting, too.

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