Rules by Cynthia Lorde is a middle-grade novel about a teenage girl trying to make new friends (she's the new girl in town), while trying to learn about and accept her autistic little brother's condition. At the beginning of summer break she meets a wheelchair-bound teen boy who can't talk without pointing to cards with words on them and a popular girl next-door, and by the end of the summer she learns a lot more about herself and the people around her than she ever knew before.

Rules is a great book, unfortunately it was banned at several schools around here by people who don't want their "good, normal kids being exposed to information about autism". It's not only that the book was banned that made me mad, it's that the stigma around ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is wrong and I wish they'd start telling kids in schools that autism isn't a mental illness. Rules was an amazing book and it should be available in more schools around North America.

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